About Us

Welcome to YELLOW DOG PRINTING LLC, a printing and publishing company based in the Melbourne, Fl area


  • Publishing 
  • Printing
  • Layout and Design
  • Proofreading

Yellow Dog Printing LLC was established in 2010 to self publish one of our own books. We then realized how exciting of a process it was and thought it would be great to help other authors and writers to get their own works printed and published as well. We treat every project as our own and believe in delivering a finished product one would be extremely proud of.

Every detail counts, from the type of cover, to the weight of the paper. We work within your budget to give you the best possible product for your dollar.



  • We have the ability to offer very large runs of specific print pieces. The larger the order, the cheaper the price per item.
  • We have the ability to offer smaller runs of specific print pieces. Discounts aren’t as steep but we still offer competitive pricing.
  • We offer hard back and paper back book printing with exceptional quality.
  • Yellow Dog Printing LLC can help you publish your book. Whether it be 1000 copies, or 100000. We can help.
  • We can do it all, proof reading, editing, layout and design, printing and publishing. We guide you the entire process to help you excel!

The best bang for you buck. High quality book printing at an affordable price.


our working processin 3 steps

YDP LLC can help you get organized and situated. Let us guide you through the processes or printing and publishing!

planning & strategy

Any good business or project starts with excellent planning and strategy. We know the processes of printing and can get you set up for success.

design & develop

With years of design experience, our team can help you convey your message to the appropriate audiences. Each design is carefully thought out and planned.

test & deliver

Test twice run once. We check our work multiple times to make sure we do not make large run print errors. In the end, you'll be all smiles.

YDP Our Team

Stuart Borton - Owner

After realizing the trials and tribulations of creating his own book, Stuart came up with the idea to help others through the process. Acting as a guiding hand to the self publishing process, Stuart and his team help authors realize their dreams of publishing and printing their own books.

Scott LaFortune - Graphic Artist

After graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Scott has worked tirelessly in the graphic design field to constantly improve and expand upon his abilities. He views each new project as a welcomed challenge to help the customer achieve their overall goals.

Beth McIntyre - Editor

As a retired engineer, Beth McIntyre has created avionics software for many commercial airlines. As such, attention to detail was the key, and her skill was honed during the 20+ years spent doing this. Additionally, books are her passion. She’s the President of the South Brevard Friends of the Library, as well as the Recording Secretary and the Newsletter editor. She uses these skills to provide excellent proofreading and editing services as one of the team at Yellow Dog Printing, LLC.

Vladimir Ilic' - Graphic Artist

Vladimir graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and has worked in the graphic design field for the majority of his life. Following in his fathers foot steps he caters to large clients and companies through out Europe. He views each new project as a welcomed challenge to help the customer achieve their overall goals.